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Music Created by Emagica

Goed Genoeg – Ndada

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Goed_Genoeg_-_Ndada.mp3″]

3rd Track by Goed Genoeg (myself and David (www.davidpeek.nl)). Black Sabbath meets Muse with a Trombone and lyricless vocals. Ahhh…

Goed Genoeg – Zeeën van Tijd

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Goed_Genoeg_-_Zeeen_van_Tijd.mp3″]

‘Seas of time’. The second track in the collaboration between David Peek (www.davidpeek.nl) and myself. Featuring handclaps, fingersnaps, my Zippo, synthy rythms, Hammond organ, recorded bass, guitar and Dutch vocals. A slightly trippy and surreal exploration of the enigma that is ‘time’.

Emagica – Happy Song (instrumental)

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Emagica_-_Happy_Song_(instrumental).mp3″]

A non-vocal version of Happy song (see below).

Emagica – Lost in the Nebula

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Lost_in_the_Nebula.mp3″]

A moody, mysterious and trippy exploration of an auditive Nebula. The player is likely lost in a regular one as well while hidden forces are lurking to prey on them. A quick games background music sketch featuring percussion, wobbly synths, mysterious vocals, distorted guitar and slapping bass.

Goed Genoeg – Goed Genoeg

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Goed_Genoeg_-_Goed_Genoeg.mp3″]

A fresh collaboration between David Peek (www.davidpeek.nl) and myself. A first concept for a Dutch Rock Band (we still need a drummer) :) It still needs refining and re-recording for better dynamics, but all in all it’s a fun first sketch.

Emagica – Play your cards right

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Play_your_cards_right.mp3″]

It’s mini-game time with a strange card-game, or maybe it’s some other obscure puzzle game. Either way, this is the music that keeps you on your toes, but watch out for that psycho synth near the end. Designed to loop and keep running. Features recorded bass, guitar, Sampled Hammond (driven by midi), recorded trombone, and crazy psycho synth sounds ftw.

Emagica – It’s Ticking!

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Its_ticking.mp3″]

It’s a heist, or is it a car chase? No! It’s something in the building, and It’s Ticking! Disarm it on time or run for your life, but you choose! Don’t let those evil percussion sounds get to you or you’ll cut the wrong wire! Percussion samples driven by midi, recorded guitar, 12 string guitar, bass, and vocals.

Emagica – Happy Song

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Happy_Song_(Vrolijk_Liedje).mp3″]

This track could just be ideal for a silly platform game without vocals, or maybe it is a new cult underground hit? Game sounds meets Happy Hardcore meets Ska. A strange and ridiculous happy track, partly made on the KORG emulator for the Nintendo DS and partly made recording Guitar, Bass and Vocals.

Emagica – Boris and Boris

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Boris_and_Boris_(Scharlaken).mp3″]

Another score for Wodka-Jus. As one scene changes into another, we meet Boris and Boris, or at least, two Russian mobsters in a cheap restaurant, talking about how they are cheating on their boss.

Emagica – Crawl for your life

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Crawl_for_your_life_(Dodenmars).mp3″]

The opening to the Live Action short ‘Wodka-Jus’ by students of the Dutch Movie and Television Sciences study in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This particular score accompanies a mobster victim who is crawling in the hope of finding help. Will he make it?

Emagica – Opening

[jwplayer config=”emagica” file=”https://www.emagica.net/music/Opening.mp3″]

The first track ever made by Emagica back in 1995 in an obscure midi-program on his home built 486 with the Soundblaster AWE 32. Recently pimped with some more up to date synths. This track was made with the opening of a show or a game in mind. Can you hear it under your title screen?

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