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CINOP (video by Thomas Grootoonk, music by Emagica)

This wonderful animation was made by Thomas Grootoonk and I had the privilege to make the music for this animation.

The music features:
– Steinway Grand Piano samples
– Live recorded Spanish Guitar
– Live recorded Mandolin
– Live Recorded Bass Guitar
– Drum samples (played with brushes)
– Glockenspiel samples

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Dutch job: Onderneem het

I recently was asked to create this little video.

It is based on an existing After Effects template that I modified to match the clients wishes.

Furthermore, I matched the video and music to each other (featuring an edited version of an older track of mine) and custom Sound FX.

You can listen to the original track here:

      1. Emagica - Claynote Collaboration

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Music produced for the PICNIC innovation festival leader

Recently, I was asked to compose the music for the leader of the PICNIC innovation festival 2012 (thanks to Claynote (adaptive) music). And this is the result.

Or just listen to the music, here:

      1. PICNIC12 Trailer - Beastie Parker

Creative Director: Marcel Kampman –
Camera: Bjorn Eerkes – – Marcel Kampman
Music: Mendel Bouman – Emagica – /
Design: Martine Eyzenga –

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Mendel Bouman Goes Davinci

(Click on the ‘CC’ button for subtitles).

This is my very first video pitch! And also my new campaign against single-mindedness in any field of business. It is a dogma that one person cannot be good at many things and I’ve started my campaign against this dogma to show that there are talented people that can do more than one thing well! Mendel Goes Davinci!

I also made the custom background music that you can listen to seperately here:

      1. Emagica - 42