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Dutch job: Onderneem het

I recently was asked to create this little video.

It is based on an existing After Effects template that I modified to match the clients wishes.

Furthermore, I matched the video and music to each other (featuring an edited version of an older track of mine) and custom Sound FX.

You can listen to the original track here:

      1. Emagica - Claynote Collaboration

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Stop Motion Animation for Happy Song

This wonderful animation was made by talented artist and animator Martine Rademakers, who was in for a nice collaboration and chose one of my old tracks “Happy Song (instrumental)” to make a Stop Motion animation according to her own artistic impression of the tune. The result can be seen here. I hope you all like it. I know I do :)

The music features guitar, bass, and the Korg DS-10 MS20 emulator for my Nintendo DS.

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S.A.M. by WhoMusic and Emagica

S.A.M. is the first collaboration between Saul (WhoMusic) and myself (Mendel), and hence the all inspiring project name: S.A.M.

Coming from to totally different musical backgrounds, we had no idea where this would go, but it quickly developed into a tension filled soundtrack for a dramatic scene with dark synths, bright pads, pushing violins, and more.

WhoMusic laid down the bass line, synths, guitar, and horn.
Emagica laid down the drums, violins, and duduk.

You can listen to the track, here: 

      1. S.A.M. - WhoMusic and Emagica

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Martine Rademakers to make video for Happy Song

The concept art for the Happy Song Animation by Martine Rademakers

I’m greatly pleased to tell you that Martine Rademakers will be making an animation video for the instrumental version of my song: Happy Song.

      1. Emagica - Happy Song (instrumental)

I’m thrilled about this development and very curious to see the final result :) Please make sure to check her website and see all her other awesome animations :)